Junk Removal vs. Hoarder Cleanout

Everybody has junk in their house: it doesn’t matter who you are. We all tend to accumulate clothing, broken furniture, old toys, magazine and books, and lots of other stuff that no longer serves a purpose. Sometimes it hits you all at once: it’s time for it all to go so you can breathe easier and make room for what you truly love.

You may wonder: do I need junk removal or a hoarder cleanout? There’s a difference between the two:

  • Junk removal is the everyday clutter we accumulate in our closets, basements and attics and the process of getting rid of it all.
  • Hoarding is a serious condition that involves a debilitating difficulty parting with possessions from a perceived need to save their items. It impacts six percent of Americans. People with hoarding disorder can’t throw anything away, resulting in homes so cluttered with junk that it blocks walkways and fire exits, not to mention interferes with daily life.

It’s About More Than Being Disorganized: Hoarding Disorder

Our culture places top importance on buying and consuming things, but this isn’t the root cause of hoarding disorder. The American Psychiatric Association categorizes hoarding disorder as its own separate mental illness and it’s a growing concern among psychologists, social workers, fire marshals and public health officials. That’s because hoarding can lead to depression and suicide, plus it poses a risk of disease and of fire.

Usually around junk, especially food cartons and wrappers, pests like rats and cockroaches can be attracted to the mess. This is a serious public health issue.

But if you are a self-proclaimed “pack rat” and just have a messy house, don’t assume you necessarily suffer from compulsive hoarding behavior.

The difference between just being messy and having a hoarding disorder is one of degree and compulsion. Hoarding disorder can destroy families, and even cause people to go into isolation because they’re too embarrassed to invite people over. In fact, it can disrupt a person’s entire emotional, physical, social, legal or financial well-being.

Recognizing the Need to Call a Junk Removal Service

One of the biggest differences between suffering from compulsive hoarding (a mental health disorder) and simply being overwhelmed with junk and clutter is the ability to recognize the need to call a junk removal service like Got Trash NJ to physically remove the stuff that’s been weighing you down. It is extremely unusual that hoarders will independently realize they need help and pick up the phone to contact a junk removal company. They usually need to be urged not only by friends and family members, as well as by social workers and hoarding disorder specialists who can walk them through the stages slowly.

Knowing you need junk removal services to help you start over as you look around your home or yard and recognize the need for change, this may just mean you’re an average home or business owner who made the mistake of letting things pile up. It happens to many people.

Not everyone owns a pickup truck and can haul junk to the dump or even to their curb, which is why you may need to depend on an expert junk removal team who can visit your home and remove all those extra items (just not hazardous waste). Many of our clients are facing a one-time event such as a major home cleanup project, home improvement, or renovation and need our help to haul away the resulting debris. Whatever category you fall under, give us a call today.

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