How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters? Stick to a Maintenance Plan

Gutter maintenance is a dreaded task that many homeowners easily overlook. But making sure your gutters are clean and clog-free will go a long way toward having a safe, long-lasting home. Failure to give your gutters regular TLC can result in costly hassles and unnecessary repairs later on. Because New Jersey gets a decent amount of rainfall throughout the year and a pretty cold winter with freezing temps, overflows and leaks can result if a gutter gets clogged.

Gutter neglect results in roof and siding damage, not to mention damage to your foundation and surrounding bushes.

Gutter Cleaning Schedule

Wondering how often you should be cleaning out your gutters? We recommend having your gutters inspected and cleaned once in the spring and once in the fall, or at least one to two times per year. You may have to do it more frequently if your trees overhang your roof and shed often, or if your area has just experienced a damaging storm that left branches, leaves and debris littering your gutters.

Why Follow a Maintenance Plan?

It’s simple: you won’t forget! And you can have a pro take care of it all for you! Sure, you could do the gutter cleaning yourself, but why waste an entire Sunday getting gunk out of your downspouts or risk falling off the ladder? You won’t forget your twice-yearly cleaning schedule when you sign up for a maintenance plan from your trusted gutter cleaning professionals.

What Clearview Offers

With us, you get complete seasonal maintenance plans depending on your needs, with drone inspections for commercial gutter inspection. You will receive year-round support from us without the stress of having to perform cleaning or maintenance on your own. We will give you a service plan break-down at a reduced rate as opposed to a more expensive one-time cleaning.

You will get six gutter cleanings throughout the year as a subscriber of our maintenance plan. Enjoy these benefits:

  • Free Priority service during peak seasons
  • Additional services such as re-attaching loose leaders and re-nailing gutters at no charge
  • Firm Date scheduling
  • Same-day emergency service
  • Next-day emergency service

What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Gutters?

Many problems can arise when you fail to clean your gutters regularly, such as:

  • Bugs, Insects, and Pests
  • Driveway Destruction
  • Leakage
  • Mold
  • Roof Damage

It’s critical to understand how to spot potential damage. Many things can lead to failing gutters, from pooling of water around your lawn or driveway to the age of the gutters themselves. You may also be getting water leaks inside your home or dripping gutters, often the result of a clogged pipe.

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Why Should Gutter Cleaning Be On Your Fall To-Do List?

Gutter Cleaning NJ

Gutter Cleaning NJ: There are many reasons, not the least of which is to protect your exteriors, from your roof to your siding. With fall upon us, you as a responsible homeowner have to start thinking ahead to some easy property maintenance tasks will ensure your home and yard get through the rigors of winter.

Gutter cleaning should be on that list. In fact, it should be right at the top. That’s because gutters are a critical part of your roofing system. If they’re not working properly, or you don’t have any at all, your roof, siding, foundation and other exteriors are vulnerable to water damage and other serious problems.

Your gutters are more closely connected with all aspects of your exteriors than you may realize. But before you climb up onto your roof or haul out the ladder, keep in mind this is a task that you can hire a professional to handle for you.

Here’s why you should make gutter cleaning a top priority this autumn.

1.   Roof Hazards

Blocked gutters can, at worst, pose a fire hazard for your roof. They also allow water to seep underneath your shingles and then rot the fascia boards and soffits. This introduces the risk of leaks and pest infestations.

2.   Clogged Gutters

Clogging is a main concern with gutters, resulting in a host of problems, not the least of which is pooling water around the foundation. Firstly, while cleaning out your gutters, make sure they still slope slightly toward the downspout. If not, debris will start to spill over the edge of the gutter. Make repairs or adjustments if necessary. Hire a pro for the best results.

Gutters tend to back up when damp leaves and twigs decompose and get matted down within the gutter itself. This prevents water from flowing freely along the gutters, toward the downspout, and well away from the property.

3.   Basement and Foundation Issues

A clear gutter system, when working properly, should divert water swiftly and efficiently away from your home. But when they’re clogged, water pools at the base of your home, possibly leading to cracks in the foundation. This results in the potential for leaks into your basement, which can attract mold and mildew.

4.   Exterior Damage

Water and debris spill over the sides when gutters don’t drain properly, damaging paint, wood and vinyl siding. Mold or dry rot can occur with time, to be sure, but also, heavy gutters can strain the fasteners on your roof and siding. This causes them to pull away from your home, compromising its integrity.

In order to prevent these hassles, make sure gutter cleaning is at the top of your fall to-do list. Of course, the top way to make sure your gutters are safe and secure is to hire gutter cleaning professionals twice annually to handle this task.

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