How to Get Rid of Your Old Piano

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There are lots of reasons why you may be planning to get rid of your piano.

Perhaps it’s out of tune and the parts are getting older and you don’t want to spend the money to repair it. Or perhaps you own a music school and you want to get rid of your older models in favor of new ones. Maybe you had good intentions at the beginning but you haven’t touched it in years. Or maybe it takes up too much space and you’re looking to downsize.

Whatever the case may be, removing and disposing of a piano, large or small, simple or complex, is never easy. You may assume because your piano is old or has been in your family for generations that you can get good money for it. Not so. Most people will have a tough time even finding someone who will take it off their hands for free!

In general, pianos hold no value as furniture, only as a working instrument. Even then, it’s hard to find a serious musician who will buy it from you for any amount of money. And if your piano has sat unused for years, with chipped or out of tune keys or cracked soundboards, it’s useless to serious musicians. In this case, you will have to actually PAY someone to remove it for you.

Here’s how you can get rid of that old piano that’s collecting dust.

1.      Donate It

Music centers, schools, local charity shops or Goodwill stores may accept donations of used pianos. They may be of use to a beginner player just starting out. You can list it online or call local charities to see if they will pick it up from your location. Hit up websites like, which is a classified ads site strictly for pianos.

2.      Sell It

If you really want to get some cash for your piano and it still looks good and works well, you may be able to get $50 to $100 for it. But that’s a big IF. It will all depend on the buyer you get and what they’re willing to pay for it, as well as its condition.

When selling and posting online, be sure to take quality photos of the piano and write up a detailed description.

3.      Trash It

Most people will have to just throw away their old piano, either because they don’t want to be bothered with donation or sales, or because they have exhausted all the above avenues and just want the instrument gone. This option costs money. You will either have to pay a pro to haul it out of your house OR convince a couple friends to help you schlep it out of your house, load it onto your truck and bring it to the landfill — for a fee.

4.      Hire a Professional

Removing a piano yourself is the worst thing you can do, as it’s very likely that you will hurt yourself, or damage the surrounding walls and floors as you attempt to navigate it out of your house.

Your best bet to remove an old piano quickly and efficiently is to hire a piano removal service such as Got Trash. We take all pianos and stringed instruments in any condition, bringing the right equipment to get the piano out with no damage. We’ll haul it away for you too. Just tell us where it is, and we will handle everything — including loading and cleanup. Get a free quote when you contact us today!

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