Without Touching the Surface, Soft Washing Drones Safely Clean Tall Buildings

Soft Washing Drones NJ: With so many challenges associated with traditional building cleaning methods, technicians are constantly put at risk because they must use lifts and harnesses or access certain areas from the roof. Plus, there is always a chance that damage will occur because they have to perch on the side of buildings and use supplies to clean and sometimes hand wash the exteriors.

Enter the magic of drones! Soft washing drones, using a low pressure setting and special chemicals to safely clean tall buildings, don’t have to touch the surface. Programmed and manned by one technician, this person controls the drone and directs it where to go, thus eliminating the need for large teams of techs to be deployed on every job. In turn, this frees up cleaning company owners to dispatch more technicians on other jobs.

Reasons to Use Drones For Exterior Cleaning

Here’s why drones are great for exterior cleaning:

  • Jobs are completed in a much tighter time frame than traditional washing
  • No damage to roof slate, tiles or sensitive surfaces such as windows
  • Drones can remove all substances that technicians can, including dirt, spider webs, mold and mildew, bird droppings, residue, etc.
  • Safety of employees
  • Safety of passersby on ground
  • They use low pressure feeders, pure water and biodegradable chemicals
  • No need for bucket trucks, scaffolding or suspension gear with a large crew
  • Computer-guided drones do all the work without all the bulky equipment
  • Less impact on business
  • Cost efficiency
  • Shorter timelines

On top of all that, drones can be used on delicate or old surfaces that need extra care, such as historic buildings and facades, churches, older structures, and buildings with tight areas. In the end, soft washing by a drone prevents the risk of damage because there is no need for anything to touch the surface of the building.

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Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Areas With Drones

Drone Cleaning NJ: You’ve probably seen window cleaners on scaffolding or lifts cleaning windows and siding, sitting precariously high above the city streets. As you may realize, there’s an inherent danger involved in cleaning high rise buildings, mostly due to the increased risk of falls. To offset that risk, many cleaning companies are now using drones for cleaning tall buildings and hard-to-reach areas.

This method saves time, as drones can clean a building three to five times faster than a person. Plus, it’s a much safer, easier way to clean tall structures. The time and safety benefits alone are well worth the investment in this state-of-the-art technology.

What Can They Clean?

Basically, any surface a person can clean, a drone can clean too! Drones can clean any type of material such as glass, steel, brick, or wood. They can be used on roofs, windows, gutters, wind turbines, solar panels, and solar farm mirrors.

Depending on the model, cleaning drones can have low or high-pressure nozzles that are tethered to a water source on the ground. Many cleaning drones use a low water pressure and special chemicals so paint and windows aren’t damaged.

Where Can They Be Used?

Drones can be used on anything from church steeples and tall towers to the sides of bridges and monuments. Basically, they are ideal to use anywhere that logistics deem it difficult or impossible to access a certain area.

What Are the Advantages Over Traditional Cleaning Methods?

Instead of needing a four-person crew on a job, for instance, you only need one person to man the drone. Drones replace the need for humans to perform dangerous, tedious cleaning jobs, while ensuring the thorough washing of windows, buildings and structures – even in the nooks and crannies.

Additionally, drone cleaning usually goes much faster because there’s no need to move technicians from one place to another. This saves time, money, man power and resources.

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