Top 5 Smart Home DevicesSmart home devices can be very convenient, whether that involves switching on your favorite music during dinner, automatically raising the blinds in the morning or getting your coffee maker going before you even get out of bed. Here’s a look at the top five smart home devices that you may consider installing in your NJ home. A smart home company you trust can install any of these and more.

1.   Smart Showerhead

To track your family’s water consumption on a daily basis, add a smart shower head to your bathroom. You can program the temperature and check water use gauges that show different colors when a set limit has been achieved. When using less water, you’ll not only save on energy bills, you’ll save the environment at the same time.

2.   Smart Light Bulbs

After settling in for the night, the last thing you want to do is to get up and turn off all the lights around the house. With smart light bulbs, you can control the lights throughout your house via an easy to use app. On top of that, you can dim them to your liking to set the ideal ambiance for any occasion, all from your smart device.

3.   WiFi Irrigation Controls

It sounds great in theory to have a lush lawn, but in reality, it’s not always easy. Who has the time to stand out there and water their lawn and garden all day? Not you! Plus, you can’t control the weather, so when rain is a scarcity, you’ll sadly watch your once-green lawn turn to a nasty shade of brown.

Installing a smart water timer for your irrigation system allows you to automate your watering schedule and even pause it if the forecast calls for rain.

4.   Smart Thermostat

If you enjoy coming home to a warm or cool house depending on the season, install smart thermostats whereby you can regulate your home’s temperature remotely via an app. You can turn up the heat before you leave work, or turn it down if you forgot to do so when you left for the long weekend. You may even be eligible for an efficiency rebate on your taxes.

5.   Smart Locks

The first place a burglar will look for a key is under that conspicuous rock next to the front door. To avoid this, install smart locks so you can let your kids, pet sitters, your parents, the babysitter or anyone else into your home via an app. Why not add a doorbell camera too, so you can see who’s at your door day or night?

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Divorce Mediation Union Beach NJWhen you are faced with the prospect of separating and divorcing your spouse in Union Beach, you may not know where to turn. You may want an option that’s not as stressful, high profile or public as a typical divorce. In that case, you may feel good about choosing divorce mediation instead. TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediation Union Beach NJ can help virtually any couple resolve differences for the betterment of the entire family unit while maintaining control over the decisions that will impact everyone’s lives.

 You may have heard of this before, but you may assume it’s just for people with minimal assets, no kids, and who want a quick and easy divorce. It can certainly be all those things, but it essentially advocates peaceful resolutions to get you through the process efficiently and mindfully. TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediation Union Beach NJ helps you avoid the involvement of lawyers and the courts. 

You will appreciate our compassionate, experienced services here at TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediator Union Beach NJ, where we offer:

Let’s guide you to a fair and peaceful conclusion in Union Beach so you can be assured that both parties involved can preserve more of their wealth while avoiding negative-outcome choices (financial, etc.). Remember, divorce affects the entire family, not just the couple.

Avoid a time-consuming and expensive court battle when you rely on TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediator Union Beach NJ.

Why You May Want to Try the Divorce Mediation Route

If you want a more relaxed environment that’s easier on kids, as well as increased privacy and a quicker process, you want guidance from TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediation Union Beach NJ. Our process is better because:

  1. It involves less risk
  2. It takes less time (the court process can be very lengthy, taking six to 12 hours to come to the average agreement)
  3. It doesn’t cost as much as a litigated divorce
  4. It takes place in a calm and relaxed setting
  5. It offers more privacy than a court setting
  6. It gives you better solutions and more acceptable conditions than the court process
  7. It’s easier on kids
  8. It gives you more control over the decisions affecting you and your family
  9. It reduces tension and conflict
  10. It encourages open communication and cooperation

It also works great for couples who have used mediation successfully in the past. TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediation Union Beach NJ helps couples turn the communication and dispute resolution skills they have learned into positive ways to handle post-divorce issues.

How Can Divorce Mediation in Union Beach Help You?

With TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediation Union Beach NJ guiding you, the skills to resolve short- and long-term concerns regarding anything from custody issues to asset division are within your grasp. 

TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediator Union Beach NJ will:

  • Help everyone remain focused on the most critical issues
  • Teach each party how to make reasonable solutions (taking into account their personal and family needs
  • Help couples understand the financial impact of their decisions
  • Encourage active participation during all meetings

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Soft Washing Drones NJ: With so many challenges associated with traditional building cleaning methods, technicians are constantly put at risk because they must use lifts and harnesses or access certain areas from the roof. Plus, there is always a chance that damage will occur because they have to perch on the side of buildings and use supplies to clean and sometimes hand wash the exteriors.

Enter the magic of drones! Soft washing drones, using a low pressure setting and special chemicals to safely clean tall buildings, don’t have to touch the surface. Programmed and manned by one technician, this person controls the drone and directs it where to go, thus eliminating the need for large teams of techs to be deployed on every job. In turn, this frees up cleaning company owners to dispatch more technicians on other jobs.

Reasons to Use Drones For Exterior Cleaning

Here’s why drones are great for exterior cleaning:

  • Jobs are completed in a much tighter time frame than traditional washing
  • No damage to roof slate, tiles or sensitive surfaces such as windows
  • Drones can remove all substances that technicians can, including dirt, spider webs, mold and mildew, bird droppings, residue, etc.
  • Safety of employees
  • Safety of passersby on ground
  • They use low pressure feeders, pure water and biodegradable chemicals
  • No need for bucket trucks, scaffolding or suspension gear with a large crew
  • Computer-guided drones do all the work without all the bulky equipment
  • Less impact on business
  • Cost efficiency
  • Shorter timelines

On top of all that, drones can be used on delicate or old surfaces that need extra care, such as historic buildings and facades, churches, older structures, and buildings with tight areas. In the end, soft washing by a drone prevents the risk of damage because there is no need for anything to touch the surface of the building.

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Drone Cleaning NJ: You’ve probably seen window cleaners on scaffolding or lifts cleaning windows and siding, sitting precariously high above the city streets. As you may realize, there’s an inherent danger involved in cleaning high rise buildings, mostly due to the increased risk of falls. To offset that risk, many cleaning companies are now using drones for cleaning tall buildings and hard-to-reach areas.

This method saves time, as drones can clean a building three to five times faster than a person. Plus, it’s a much safer, easier way to clean tall structures. The time and safety benefits alone are well worth the investment in this state-of-the-art technology.

What Can They Clean?

Basically, any surface a person can clean, a drone can clean too! Drones can clean any type of material such as glass, steel, brick, or wood. They can be used on roofs, windows, gutters, wind turbines, solar panels, and solar farm mirrors.

Depending on the model, cleaning drones can have low or high-pressure nozzles that are tethered to a water source on the ground. Many cleaning drones use a low water pressure and special chemicals so paint and windows aren’t damaged.

Where Can They Be Used?

Drones can be used on anything from church steeples and tall towers to the sides of bridges and monuments. Basically, they are ideal to use anywhere that logistics deem it difficult or impossible to access a certain area.

What Are the Advantages Over Traditional Cleaning Methods?

Instead of needing a four-person crew on a job, for instance, you only need one person to man the drone. Drones replace the need for humans to perform dangerous, tedious cleaning jobs, while ensuring the thorough washing of windows, buildings and structures – even in the nooks and crannies.

Additionally, drone cleaning usually goes much faster because there’s no need to move technicians from one place to another. This saves time, money, man power and resources.

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Shrink Wrapping NJ: Are you thinking about prepping your outdoor furniture and other items for shrink wrapping this fall? You may be asking yourself: should I do it myself or hire a professional? The answer is always “hire a professional,” due to the high heat and precision involved. These trained professionals know what they’re doing and will ensure a comprehensive, safe, and efficient job.

You can’t learn all there is to know about shrink wrapping by watching a YouTube video. Let’s compare DIY shrink wrap and professional shrink wrap in regards to cost and quality so you can make an informed decision.

Is it Worth Your Time?

DIY shrink wrap is a time-consuming job. You must shop for and buy all the items on the to-do list, then either pick them up with a truck or wait for them to arrive. Next, you have to factor in the time you spend watching video tutorials and reading online guides, learning where to put the supports and vents.

Then you have to dedicate a whole day or weekend to handle the actual project. If you make a wrong move, you may end up having to pay a professional to come and fix what you did anyway. Hiring someone to handle a job for you is basically exchanging your money for their time, so let the pros do it.

Is it Worth it to Buy All the Equipment?

Do you think you’ll save money by doing the shrink wrapping yourself? This is a common misconception. You may end up spending more on shrink wrap and related equipment than if you just hired someone to do it. Planning to wrap a boat? Prices start between $25 and $60 per foot for boats under 30 feet, so a 20-foot deck boat at $43 per foot would cost you about $860.

  • You’ll need to buy a propane-fired heat gun, which costs between $600 and $1200.
  • You’ll need to buy the shrink wrap itself, which runs a couple hundred dollars.
  • You’ll need to pick up some tape, adhesive spray, stick-on vents, film knife, desiccant bags, and strapping.

Let’s say you don’t even mind coughing up all that money to do it yourself; there’s always the issue of insurance. With professionals who are licensed and insured, you’re not liable for any accidents that happen in your yard. If you DIY the project and fall off a ladder or burn yourself with the gun, you’re on your own.

From failure to place supports high enough off the windshield that can lead to cracks and shatters to holding the heat gun too close to the shrink wrap, which can result in a spark and ignition, there are lots of things that can go wrong. Hiring a company with skilled workers and insurance will serve to reduce your liability.

As you can imagine, a DIY project is a time consuming and expensive proposition. Save your money and time, and let Clearview do it for you!

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