What sort of mattress is better for me?

What sort of mattress is better for me?

Latex – The natural and organic polyurethane foam

Natural Latex Mattresses: Latex foam is extremely much like memory foam, but where polyurethane foam is made synthetically, latex is made exclusively through the processed sap of this rubber tree, which makes it completely natural. Also, it is very popular for people with non-latex allergies because it is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. Where polyurethane foam is soft and less responsive, latex offers a naturally firmer and bouncy feel. Some folks love this as well as others prefer more contouring.

– Spine alignment is excellent
– Depending on the firmness, latex can fit most sleeping styles
– Good for allergies & chemically sensitive folks

– Some folks don’t take a liking to the bouncy or firm feel
– Latex is a lot more expensive to manufacture and get
– Usually much heavier than foam mattresses
– Less variation in softness

Memory Foam – a well known go-to that offers good deal comfort

Memory Foam Mattresses: Polyurethane foam has existed since 1966 and was famously produced by NASA before being acquired by a personal company. Now, it is in Tempur-pedic beds and lots of disrupter brands. Memory foam mattresses are NOT made of 100% memory foam because polyurethane foam is low resilience and too soft to aid the spine. To supply better support even the best polyurethane foam mattresses also provide high resistance foam beneath the top memory foam layer.

– Spine alignment is great (especially for side and back sleepers)
– Great for side sleepers and medium weight sleepers
– Quite affordable in the event that you know the best place to look

– Foam could be too hot
– Low grade foam is the worst (sags quickly, lets off chemical odor)
– Heavy folks that like softer beds could cause quick sagging on perhaps the best beds

Innerspring – Classic comfort is sold with an amount

Innerspring mattresses was previously all the rage over the past century, but times are changing. Classic coil spring systems were used to support mattresses for a long time. As they offered durability, their top layers were confident with many different soft materials from cotton, wool, and foam. Now innerspring mattresses usually offer memory foam or any other kinds of foam. Additionally, traditional innerspring mattress have interconnected coils for greater support, but because of problems with pressure spots, these types of mattresses are becoming less popular throughout the last decade.

– General longevity
– wide selection of products
– Bed is naturally cooling due to the airy space between coils

– Interconnected coils can inflame pressure spots
– Low quality beds sag and can not be rotated
– Generally higher priced

Hybrid – Pocket coils and foam = ultimate comfort

Hybrid Mattresses: A hybrid bed has both memory foam (and/or latex) and pocket coils. Pocket coils are a recent technology advancement when you look at the innerspring category. In place of traditional innersprings which can be attached to each other through wire, these pocket springs are entirely separate and connected through a fabric mesh to allow them to react to each curve of one’s body, yet not drop out of place. They truly are less likely to want to dig into you and give the mattress greater support and cooling than one made out of memory foam alone.

– Best all over designs
– Greater support and comfort
– Cooler than memory foam alone
– Limited motion transfer

– pricing is more than others
– Lower quality beds can sag quickly

Memory Foam VS Natural Latex Mattresses

Memory Foam VS Natural Latex Mattresses

Here’s a couple of mattress takeaways: Memory Foam Mattress Vs Natural Latex Mattresses

This post is about mattresses and specifically about memory foam versus natural latex mattresses. Many people are concerned when they learn about the harmful compounds that exist in memory foam, such as toxic flame retardants and formaldehyde. These hormone-altering compounds are linked with increased risks to specific health issues, such as developmental brain disorders, infertility, obesity, and even cancer. Fortunately, there is a comfortable product that is not harmful to your health, natural latex. Now, natural latex is made from sap from the rubber tree. It is whipped into a froth and then baked into a foam. It is a natural plant product, not a petrochemical product. Memory foam is notorious for several negative characteristics; it’s piercing chemical odor, the off-gassing of toxic chemical compounds, and its tendency to trap heat.

Why is it like this? It’s a chemical reaction with your body heat that allows the memory foam to take its famous imprint of your shape. Without the chemicals and the body heat buildup, there is no reaction. This is the reason a memory foam mattresses can feel too hard when it’s cold and not supportive enough when it’s warm. Many manufacturers of memory foam have started adding other chemicals, called cooling chemicals, to attempt to address this overheating problem. This is also why many people choose natural latex instead. Natural latex is much more porous and much more breathable than memory foam.

When sleeping on a memory foam mattress the airflow is completely blocked and when sleeping on memory foam, you can feel immobilized. It’s novel at first, but after a while, you may feel as though you’re stuck in damp sand. And every time you change positions, you have to heat up the foam all over again. Sleeping this way causes restlessness and circulation issues. On the other hand, natural latex is instantly responsive and even more comfortable than memory foam for most people because it helps you sleep wonderfully on your mattress, but not feel you’re trapped in it, allowing for improved circulation and reduced muscle stiffness.

The big take away…!

  • Natural Latex – Natural latex provides a luxurious sleep experience. A natural latex mattress can be customized precisely for your body because it’s built-in layers. If you need to change how your bed feels, you can simply switch the layers out.
  • Memory Foam – A memory foam mattress is a closed unit so once the novelty wears off and your body begins to ache, you’re stuck. Whereas with a customizable natural latex mattress design, you can exchange any layer. Your options are nearly endless. Learn more about natural latex on this website.