Furniture Removal Services: It’s Easy to Get Rid of Old Furniture in NJ

Furniture Removal NJ: Got an outdated kitchen set with a wobbly leg, or an old armchair that hasn’t reclined in years? What about your kids’ old bedframe they haven’t used since they were 9, or all that old office furniture you no longer need after that recent business relocation? All this old stuff can pose a safety hazard because people can trip on it, plus it can block fire exits.

Hey, we all have old furniture lying around our homes, attics, basements, and spare rooms. However, at some point, you have to realize it’s no longer serving you and it should be thrown away. But how can you best get rid of old furniture in New Jersey?

Got Trash has the answer, as we are the cheapest service in the state, and the most attentive to boot. Offering next-day service, our crews work seven days a week for your convenience, handling furniture removal throughout New Jersey, as well as estate cleanouts and junk removal.

3 Advantages to Hiring Furniture Removal Services

Even if you have furniture that’s still in fair condition and wanted to try selling it online or donating it to a local charity, you would still have to do all the legwork yourself. And if they see it and decide it’s not up to their standards, you’re still stuck with it. This is why you should just do yourself a favor and hire a professional furniture removal service in the first place. Furniture removal will:

  1. Save you effort. One big downside of furniture removal is that you have to know where to take it all, which takes time and many phone calls/web searches to determine. You can’t always depend on your local trash collection guys to carry it away if you haul it to the curb. If you do place it on the curb, this could invite a code violation.
  2. Take the burden off your shoulders. Save your physical health and well-being and let someone else do it for you. There’s a lot of back-breaking work that goes along with furniture removal. These items are heavy and awkward to maneuver, making the process a very time-consuming one.
  3. Save you time. Save time with pros who simply show up at your door. Removing furniture is about a lot more than getting it out the door. There’s also the prospect of transporting it to the local landfill or waste collection site.

As you can see, there are several reasons why you should hire a furniture removal service like Got Trash.

Why Depend on Furniture Removal Services?

You may be thinking: heck, I can just leave that old table or sofa out by the curb and the regular trash guys will take it on their weekly rounds. Not so. Most times, the regular trash pickup trucks will not take away bulk items from the curb when they empty your bins. You either have to call them ahead of time and pay to leave one item out a week, or call a private trash pick-up service that charges good money for each individual item. And even then, you are the one who has to haul the furniture out to the curb, risking your neck and back.

Some towns may offer cleanup days where they will come by and grab your furniture from the curb, but not all towns offer this.

Got Trash has a strong crew that will pick up ALL your items, regardless of amount, and get it all done within 30 minutes. AND you don’t have to bring it to the curb. They’ll arrive with the proper equipment to get it out of your house or backyard for one low price.

To get a free quote and to book your time slot for furniture removal in NJ, please contact us at 732-431-2788.