Divorce Mediator Fair Lawn NJ

Divorce Mediator Fair Lawn NJ

The team at TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediation Fair Lawn NJ knows the stress and pain that comes alongside separation and divorce. There’s a smoother way to get through it all: mediation. TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediation Fair Lawn NJ helps you focus on the most important issues rather than face distractions from smaller issues. So, if you have been thinking about mediation instead of traditional divorce, this could be a much smarter choice when all is said and done.


Divorce Mediator Fair Lawn NJ
Divorce Mediator Fair Lawn NJ

TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediator Fair Lawn NJ helps you navigate a less contentious and arduous process while lessening the blow of marital dissolution. Our compassionate approach:

  • Helps you maintain focus on the most important issues without distraction from smaller issues that can derail the process.
  • Encourages active participate during all meetings from both parties.
  • Provides reasonable solutions that encompass both personal and family needs.
  • Makes it clear how the financial decisions you make now will affect you and your family in the future.

An Unexpected Benefit of Our Fair Lawn Services

An unexpected side benefit of TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediation Fair Lawn NJ results in fostering mediation successfully with us so that later on, you will be better equipped to handle post-divorce issues. We believe it’s critical to put into practice those communication and dispute resolution skills now to help you throughout life.

TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediator Fair Lawn NJ has one major goal: to minimize the burden of divorce as much as possible as we help you resolve concerns ranging from custody to asset division. Another big goal of TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediation Fair Lawn NJ is to help you protect your wealth while avoiding choices that could prove negative later. We want everyone to stay as amicable as possible for the sake of the family unit.

It’s important to point out that mediation isn’t just for couples with few assets and no children. Yes, it’s for those looking to part ways in a friendly manner but even more than that, it’s for anyone who wants a peaceful resolution to the end of their marriage instead of a bitter one.

What We Do in Fairlawn

TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediator Fair Lawn NJ specializes in the following services:

We make it possible to avoid the high stress of traditional divorce with the less invasive process of mediation. If trying to fix your relationship on your own hasn’t worked, it’s time to turn to TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediation Fair Lawn NJ. We ensure the following benefits of mediation:

  1. Less time than the court process (about six to 12 hours to get to the average agreement)
  2. Less costly than a litigated divorce
  3. Calm and relaxed setting
  4. Cooperation and open communication.
  5. More privacy than court settings (confidential process)
  6. Lower risk
  7. Better solutions and acceptable conditions than the court process
  8. Easier on children
  9. Each party remains in control of their decisions
  10. Reduce tension and conflict

If a long drawn-out traditional divorce doesn’t sound particularly productive to you, TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediation Fair Lawn NJ can help you work together to address both short- and long-term concerns in a peaceful and non-judgmental environment. TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediator Fair Lawn NJ is for anyone looking to maintain control over the decisions that will affect them now and in the future.

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Please call or text us today at 201-201-4001 or 732-268-8178 to learn more about our services. Our TLC Mediation – Divorce Mediator Fair Lawn NJ is Jann Bate Catto, a therapist, financial planner, and certified financial divorce analyst.